The Kathy Broderick Award

Donate to The Kathy Broderick Always Exceeding Expectations Award, an annual award for a staff member who embodies Kathy’s can-do positive attitude and who always exceeds the expectations of their job.

Kathy Broderick joined the AHRC New York City family as a Senior Staff member in 2010 and and now serves as a trusted advisor. She has provided her valuable expertise to AHRC NYC over the years and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting our efforts to keep our programs operational and staff as safe as possible.

Kathy began her career in OPWDD (then OMRDD) in 1978 as a special education teacher for the Howard Park Children’s Unit of the Bernard Fineson Developmental Center.  This was just when compliance with the landmark Willowbrook Consent Decision was moving into full speed mode, requiring NYS to move 5,000 residents of the infamous institution into the community.

Over the next 15 years, Kathy moved into positions of progressive responsibility until 1993, when she was appointed Deputy Director of the New York City Regional Office to assist in the implementation of the newly initiated Community Services Expansion Program, soon assuming total responsibility for this program. In 1997, she was appointed Associate Commissioner of OPWDD for the entire New York City Region, a position she held until 2010. Kathy broke the mold for someone in a civil service position. Responsive, creative, and grounded in the social justice foundation of the de-institutionalization movement, she was completely devoted to and played a major role in its success. She retired from OPWDD after over thirty years as a highly effective and well-respected government leader and made the terrific decision to join the AHRC New York City leadership team.

Kathy has always been admired and held in high regard by her colleagues, the provider community, and individuals with IDD and their families. Kathy’s tremendous knowledge, can-do attitude, caring, and integrity helped thousands of people attain a far better place in their lives. She has been an indispensable leader to AHRC New York City.  Kathy is renowned for her constant availability, her long hours, her unrelenting commitment to our staff and for her generous habit of showing up at residences on holidays, weekends, and evenings to just say hello to the individuals living there and the staff supporting them. Hundreds of families are indebted to Kathy for her tireless efforts to understand their concerns and identify real-life, enduring solutions and opportunities.

Kathy has played a central role in progressing the mission and impact of AHRC New York City and has done so by always exceeding expectations. It’s part of her DNA. She is an esteemed role model for us all and we will miss her day-to-day presence as a colleague, advocate, and friend.