AHRC New York City Foundation

About Us

The AHRC New York City Foundation is a fund-raising and grant-making entity that supports programs for children and adults who have intellectual and developmental disabilities and who live in New York City.

The Foundation is the primary source of philanthropic support for AHRC New York City, which provides a wide array of social services for approximately 15,000 people with disabilities.

Our mission

Through its grants, the Foundation aims to empower people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to

  • Make choices and decisions based on their own aspirations.
  • Live as independently and be as productive as possible.
  • Participate fully in their communities.

Our vision

We envision a world in which people with disabilities will

  • Share ordinary places in their local communities (such as stores, gyms, libraries and museums) at the same time and in the same ways as their neighbors.
  • Develop a support network that includes a wide range of personal and social relationships.
  • Fill valued roles in and make contributions to their communities.

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