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Thank you to everyone who donated and joined us for this special evening. It was an incredible night filled with athletes, special guests, and AHRC NYC family and friends. We raised $700,000! This funding enables AHRC NYC Foundation to help thousands of neurodiverse people and to provide support for their families.

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Anne Gregory O’Connell
Fordham/NYC Basketball Hall of Famer

Diana Munson and Family
Honorary Co-Chairs

Mitchell Bloomberg
International Lights, Inc.

Joseph Brancato

Susan Boyle
HLW International LLP

Marc Chiapperino
VVA Project Managers & Consultants

Mark Deieso
Gardiner & Theobald

Ben Friedland

Jerry Gottlieb
Gottlieb Partners   

Alissa Issacson
Isaacson Family Foundation

Beth Miller Eidman
J.T. Magen & Company, Inc.

Jim Phillips
TPG Architecture, LLP

Andrew Sachs

Jay Rimatzki
J.T. Magen & Company, Inc. 

Kyra Wagstaff
J.T. Magen & Company, Inc. 

Ottis Anderson
NY Football Giants Super Bowl Champion

Chris Canty
NY Football Giants Super Bowl Champion

Harry Carson
NY Football Giants Super Bowl Champion 

Tina Cervasio
FOX 5 Sports Anchor & Host of Sports Extra

Nelson Figueroa
NY Mets

Michael Kay
YES Network/ESPN NY Radio

Jeff Nelson
NY Yankees World Series Champion

Karl Nelson
NY Football Giants Super Bowl Champion

Midge Purce
NJ/NY Gotham Football Club

Annika Sorenstam
Women’s LPGA Tour Champion &
World Golf Hall of Famer