Four Reasons To Give

There are many reasons to give to the AHRC New York City Foundation.  Here are four:

1. Henry

Henry, who has Down Syndrome, needed an extra year before kindergarten.  AHRC’s Central Park Early Learning Center was “the one school that would give him that opportunity,” his mom says.  “The more we can give him now, the more chance he’ll have opportunities later in life.”

2. Willa

Willa’s mom says, “The camps are the best thing about AHRC for our family.  They look at everything she can do instead of all the things she can’t.”

3. Benjamin

“Coming to a place like Central Park, you’re plugged into a community …while they’re not exactly the same as your kid, they’ve gone through a lot of that roller coaster of emotions and also figured out some of those resources,” says Benjamin’s dad.

4. Jack

“He took his first independent steps [at school] when no could tell us he’d ever be walking,” Jack’s mother says.

Watch the video, Four Reasons to Give, and learn more about Henry, Willa, Benjamin, Jack and their families and how gifts to the AHRC New York City Foundation have helped them.

Please give now and help more families like these.

Make a difference in someone’s life today!

Watch the video – AHRC New York City Foundation: Four Reasons to Give